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Immigration Lawyer Tokyo Japan

Authorized by Ministry of Justice Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau of Japan.


I can apply your visa application to the Immigration Office all over Japan on your behalf.


In principle, you don't need to appear to apply to the Immigration Office if you would hire me.


Let us solve your visa and business problem.

Shinichi Narita Immigration Lawyer provide a safe, comfortable, reasonable cost and most of all, professional environment for all seeking assistance in legal Immigration matters. The office is family friendly while important matters are handled with calm, patience and a sense of urgency, and located 25 minutes on foot from the Tokyo Immigration Bureau Office.
When you intend to apply the Permanent Residence, the Long Term Residence, Engineering/the Specialist humanities/International services ,the Business Manager, the Skilled Labor, the Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals , the Spouse of Japanese or Permanent, Child of Japanese or Permanent, or Entertainer , Instructor, Artist, Religious or else Temporary visitor visa, I willl promise you that give you legal service by my 12 years experience of Immigration Lawyer in Tokyo Japan.
SHINICHI NARITA Immigration Lawyer specialist for Immigration Law , Legal administrative procedure all over Japan. (Our Office is Lacated at Minato-ku Takanawa, Tokyo.)
The Jurisdiction Applied for Tokyo Immigration Bureau
(Tokyo, Kanagawa , Saitama, Gunma, Ibaraki, Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Tocghigi, Nagano,Nigata prefecture)