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Permanent, Business Manager, Working, Spouse, Long Term, SSW , Student, Dependent,Temporary Visa & Naturalization

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Immigration Lawyer in Tokyo Japan

I have 18 years of experience in this industry. Count on me all the procedures what you would like to apply. No matter where you are.

Online electronic application.


Authorized by Ministry of Justice Immigration Services Bureau of Japan.
We can apply your visa application to the Immigration Office all over Japan on your behalf.

And then we can apply for your application on your behalf 24 hours a day by the Immigration Online system, No matter where you are all over the world. After that , if it is permitted, I will send you the Eligibility Certificate by FedEx or EMS etc.

In principle, you don't need to appear to apply to the Immigration Office if you would hire me.

Please leave the Electronic application by the Online Residence (Visa) Application System up to me.
Permanent Resident,Highly Skilled Professional, Spouse of Japanese, Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services, Business Manager, Skilled labor, Long Term Resident , Dependent, Designated Activities, Sofa→Others and Naturalization, and so on.
Our service area is all over Japan including, Hokkaido, Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima,Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi,Kagawa,Fukuoka and Okinawa.
Furthermore, even if you are overseas, if you have a guarantor in Japan, I can apply for your eligibility certificate online. As soon as we obtain the Eligibility certificate, we can send you it by FedEx or EMS.


Our office location is close near from Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau.

Let us solve your visa and business problem.

Shinichi Narita Immigration Lawyer provides a safe, comfortable, reasonable cost and most of all, professional environment for all seeking assistance in legal Immigration matters. The office is family friendly while important matters are handled with calm, patience and a sense of urgency, and located 30 minutes on foot from the Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau.

I will dedicate my 18 years of experience just for your permission.

Our office location is just a 30 minute walk from the Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau.
It is close near to the any inspection department , such like Permanent , Business and Employment, Trainee and Temporary Visitor, Student, Recognition of Refugee Status/ Complementary Protection, Provisional release, Special permission ( Investigation ) and Detention, of the Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau Office.
When you would like to hire somebody specialist who can meet (Menkai) to the Person under detention of your friend or relative or family, or who can receive your permitted residence card, or who can apply your application immediately, you can believe and hire me.


If you are in a hurry, such as forgetting your period of stay, please explain the circumstances and contact us at least 3 days before your period of residence.
However, we can’t apply it by the online system on the date of your expiration date or if you have already passed your date of expiration, in live birth case that you have passed 30 days from your child's birthday, or SOFA holder case that you have passed 30 days from your date of retire.
(In such case, because the Immigration Online system is not available from the date of expiration, so it is necessary to prepare immediately and appear at the Immigration Bureau to apply the application for your purpose.)
It is not available for "Diplomat", "Temporary visitor", or "Permanent residence" by online system.

SHINICHI NARITA Immigration Lawyer specialist for Immigration Law , Legal administrative procedure all over Japan from Tokyo.