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Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist in Aomori Japan

Specialist in Immigration procedures in Aomori Japan.

We guarantee that our service and skill is excellent, fast and at a reasonable fee in the industry.

Sendai Immigration bureau, Tohoku area such as Aomori prefecture, Akita prefecture, Iwate prefecture, Miyagi prefecture etc., Hokkaido (Hakodate, Sapporo, Niseko town etc.), visa application procedures to Immigration bureaus all over Japan such as Tokyo Immigration Bureau, Application for naturalization to the Legal Affairs Bureau, etc.

Shinichi Narita is an Immigration & Administrative Lawyer who has been authorized and licensed by the Ministry of Justice Immigration Sevices Bureau and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
We can apply the application for all kinds of visas as attorney for you to all the Immigration Services bureau around the Japan.
So, you don't have to appear to apply at the Immigration Bureau.

Specialize in:


Gaining the Visas

○All kinds of Visas
(Certificate of Eligibility, Acquire Status, Extension)
○Permanent residence
○Special Permission
○Provisional Release

Legal Services

○Translation of Legal Documents,
○Tax Refund
○Marriage and Divorce Settlement
○Certificate of the apostille
○Investigation & Detective Service
○DNA identification
○Amendment of falsified the document and the Passport
○Labor/Employment Benefits
○Business Planning and Registration
○Setting up and establishing the branch or head office or else representative office
○Execution of Will
○Financial aid debt/ Loan settlement

Narita Legal Detective Investigation Office(Detective investigation service.)

(Aomori Prefecture Public Safety Commission License No. 20220171)

〇Detective investigation of biological fathers.
〇Business credit check.
〇Real estate research.
〇Inheritance investigation. (Investigation on whereabouts of heirs)
〇Relatives, Child behavior investigation