Flow of proceedings for Visa Application in Japan by SHINICHI NARITA.

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Visa Procedure to Tokyo Immigration office

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Confirmation of the Flow of proceeding for Visa Application to Tokyo Immigration Bureau Office

We have fixated to gain your permission by the best legal assistance at the inexpensive fee.

This is a example flow of procedure to hire Shinichi Narita for your important visa application procedure.


 Application Procedures


At first, 
Would you please email or phone call to confirm the date we will meet?


NARITA Immigration Legal Office
Confirming as followings;

1. Present situation
3.Justifiable or unavoidable reason
4. The way of Solution
5. The Best way or the left way
Free Consultation

Required documents
○Phone call
○Face book etc


At NARITA Immigration Legal Office
At Client Office 
or else
At Client home
the place near the Station
(※Shinichi Narita can go to the place where Client would like me to come.)
(※The Client could come to our Office to have a interview consultation.)

・Residence Card and Passport

Preparation and Making 
application forms
Final checking the application forms  
  The Office will go to to apply to jurisdiction Immigration Office.  
   The Office will go to receive the permmited Newly Residence card.
(The Eligibility case , I will receive at Office)

I will send the permitted residence card and passport and kept documents or  certificate of Eligibility by Red letter pack plus safety post mail.( If you would lile me to send him/her in abroad I will send the C.O.E by EMS or FedEX.)
(※Offen I send it Client by Red letter pack plus safety post mail with the documents and original certificates I kept.)
You could come to office to receive.
I can go to the place where Client would like me to come.


We need to meet once at least.

Both setting the meeting are Ok, if you would like to meet at my office then we make the appointment. If you would like me to come to yours near the station, home or compay office, then I can go there. (Then it is required additional public transportation (DENSYA) cost (Round cost).)
After contract , in princilpe, we can contact phone call, email, LINE or face book or something like that to checking and complete application forms and the residence and passport kept certificate I will issue to you.
Documents and Certificates are hand to hand the date when we can met or, also by Red Letter pack plus safety post mail is OK.
After I received permitted newly reside card then I will send you them by Red letter pack plus safety post mail or you might come to my office to receive the Office Going to receive the Newly Residence card or the Certificate.
Documents and Certificates to have to submit are by hand to hand on the date when we can meet or also by Red Letter pack plus of registered post is OK. 

Usually, I contract with Client when we meet at my office or at station of near the client’s or else client’s office once, and then, after that contact by phone, email or LINE to complete the application forms and apply to Immigration office, and finally I will send the permitted residence card and passport and kept documents and certificates by Red letter pack plus safety post mail.

So, if you need me legal service, would you please contact me when you would like to meet me to meeting about the application, then let me know the date your convenience date and where the place you are convenience.

I am looking forward to contact from you.

In my daily work, I make use the knowledge I have attained so far 13 years experiences to respond sincerely to our clients' needs.