Flow of proceedings for Visa Application in Japan by SHINICHI NARITA.

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Visa Procedure to Tokyo Immigration office

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Confirmation of the Flow of proceeding for Visa Application to Immigration Services Bureau Office All Over Japan.

This is a example flow of procedure to hire Shinichi Narita for your important and precious visa application procedure.


 Application Procedures


At first, 
Would you please email or phone call or Online meeting to free consultation?


Shinichi Narita
Visa and Naturalization Legal Office
Confirming as followings;

1. Present situation
2. Circumstances
3. Justifiable or unavoidable reason
4. The way of Solution
5. The Best way or the left way
Free Consultation

Required documents

(※Free consultation is available for the first 30 minutes online via Skype, Zoom, etc.)
○Phone call
○Face book, Wechat, Zoom, Skype,instagram,Google meet,etc

※It is Okay that if I can confirm for the Client's identity verification.

①ZOOM or Skype or else fb messenger video or else We chat

②Meeting At Office

③At Client home or Office 

④The place near the Station
(※Shinichi Narita can go to the place where Client would like me to come.)
(※The Client could come to our Office to have a interview consultation.)
(※If we can have an online meeting and can confirm your residence card or ID (Mynumber Card, etc.), it is OK,without face to face meeting.)

※Online application is so convenient , and then Client doesn't need to send me precious passport.

※And then about residence card, It doesn't need when we apply the applicaion by Online system. 

※If the Office will go to Immigration office to apply the application, then Client should send office the residence card and passport in advance.

Preparation and Making 
application forms and so on. ( This is up to your application case.)
Final checking the application forms and so on.  
  The Office will go to to apply to jurisdiction Immigration Office All Over the Japan, or apply it by Online system of Immigration Office.  

If we applied the application by Online system of Immigration Office,the Immigration office send me email like this as followings;

[ The residence card / certificate of eligibility / certificate of authorized employment for the following;

Dear Shinichi Narita

application was issued today.
Applicant's name : Client's,Name
Application acceptatnce date : 2022〇〇〇〇
Application acceptance no. : 〇オン□□△△001234

The residence card is in the process of being sent out. Please take note that it may take a few days for it to reach you.

▼ Log in to the online residence application system here


■ Issuer
Immigration Services Agency, Ministry of Justice]

    Client should send office the old residence card when this application is permitted.
Online application case:
※The Office will send Immigration office the Old residence card and the Immigration office send me the permitted extended or exchanged newly residence card first thing, and if no mistaking in this newly permitted residence card, then I will send you this permitted Newly residence card and Punched Old one.)

※If we apply online system of the Immigration services Bureau, then I am not keeping your passport. So, I will return the Newly permitted residence card, with Client's certificates that I have kept, by a letter pack, etc. safety post mail.

〇If I applied the application at the Immigration office jurisdiction of client's address, then,I will go to Immigration office to receive the permission, and I will send the permitted residence card and passport and kept documents or  certificate of Eligibility by Red letter pack plus safety post mail.( If you would like me to send him/her in abroad I will send the C.O.E by EMS or FedEX.)
(※Offen I send it Client by Red letter pack plus safety post mail with the documents and original certificates I kept.)
You could come to office to receive.
I can go to the place where Client would like me to come.

The Office will go to receive the permmited Newly Residence card.
(The Eligibility case , I will receive at Office by postmail from Immigration Office.)
※If Online Application case, the Immigration office send office the Newly permitted extended or exchanged Residence card or the Certificate of Eligibility. 



Online meeting is available.

Online meeting is available if I can confirm your identity verification by residence card , or Mynumber card or else some ID card with your face photo.( Then we don' t need the face to face meeting.)
And if you would like to meet at my office then we make the appointment.
If you would like me to come to yours near the station, home or company office, then I can go there. (Then it is required additional public transportation (DENSYADAI) cost (Round cost).)
After contract , in princilpe, we can contact by phone call, email, skype or face book or we chat or ZOOM or else at Office or somewhere you would like me to come.
Documents and Certificates are hand to hand the date when we can met or, also by Red Letter pack plus safety post mail is OK.
( Although we have to check the application schedule and expiration date.)
Documents and Certificates to have to submit are by hand to hand on the date when we can meet or also by Red Letter pack plus of registered post is OK. 

I really would like you to be Happy with your family.

In my daily work, I make use the knowledge I have attained so far 16 years experiences from March 2006 to respond sincerely to our clients' needs.
Thank you for your precious time.