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「Immigration and Naturalization procedures」

※There is a case that is required additional actual expenses.( Transportation cost, postage cost, daily allowance etc.)
※It is required the consumption tax.


We can apply for your application on your behalf 24 hours a day by the Immigration Online system.
If you are in a hurry, such as forgetting your period of stay, please explain the circumstances and contact us at least 3 days before your period of residence.
However, we can’t apply it by the online system on the date of your expiration date or if you have already passed your date of expiration, in live birth case that you have passed 30 days from your child's birthday, or SOFA holder case that you have passed 30 days from your date of retire.
(In such case, because the Immigration Online system is not available from the date of expiration, so it is necessary to prepare immediately and appear at the Immigration Bureau to apply the application for your purpose.)
It is not available for "Diplomat", "Temporary visitor", or "Permanent residence" by online system.

This estimate is described as the minimum fee,(from "minimum fee"~). "We will always issue an official estimate according to your circumstances."

〇Corresponding to the notification from Immigration Office.
(※If you have applied the application by yourself.)
(Answer to SHIRYO TEISYUTU TSUCHI from Immigration Inspection Department)
from 45,000 yen ~
from 65,000 yen~
( The case of business manager from 100,000 yen ~)
〇Change of Status of Residence
from 150,000 yen~
〇Certificate of Eligibility
from 150,000 yen~
〇Highly Skilled Foreign Professional
from 150,000 yen~
from 150,000yen~
〇Permanent Residence
(From Spouse or child of Japanese National.)
from 150,000 yen~
( From another residence status.)
from 160,000 yen~
(By Highly Skilled Professional Point System.)
from 150,000 yen~
(By J-skip)
from 150,000 yen~
〇Permission to acquire status of residence
from 150,000 yen~
from 50,000 yen~(If applicants are more than 30 person at same time.)
other case ,from 250,000 yen ~
〇 Investor/Business Manager (Included all procedures)
350,000 yen~
〇SOFA holder procedures, etc.
150,000 yen ~
〇Diplomat or Official holder procedures, etc.
200,000 yen~
〇Certificate of Authorized Employment
from 70,000 yen ~
〇Temporary visitor
from 50,000 yen~
from 200,000 yen ~
〇Special Permission
from 350,000 yen ~
〇Provisional Release
from 250,000 yen ~
〇Statement of reasons(Justification for application)
from 50,000 yen ~
〇Re-entry Permission
from 50,000 yen ~
〇Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted
from 55,000 yen ~
〇Recoginition for refugee status, Objection
from 350,000 yen ~


Actual expenses and permission stamp cost


Extension or Change of Status

4,000 yen.


8,000 yen.

Acquire status of residence

0 yen.

Re-entry single

3,000 yen

Re-entry Multiple

6,000 yen

Transportation cost , Postal cost

According to the case

Making a will

50,000 yen~

Agreement on Division of Inheritance

50,000 yen~

Set up a Company or Branch

50,000 yen~

Waste industry license

~150,000 yen

Set up a nonprofit organization (NPO)

180,000 yen ~

Used goods merchant license(KOBUTSU)

50,000 yen ~

Legal notification (Civil and Criminal case)

30,000 yen ~

Adult Entertainment Businesses

100,000 yen ~

Business Planning

50,000 yen ~

Financing application to the Japan Finance Corporation

50,000 yen ~

Copyright registration

25,000 yen ~

Acceptable use policy

350,000 yen ~

Various Contract paper(Talent,Singer,Dancer・Construction work, etc.)

50,000 yen ~


7,000yen ~a month