About All kinds of visas in Japan.

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Permanent, Business Manager, Working, Spouse, Long Term, SSW , Student, Dependent,Temporary Visa & Naturalization

All kinds of visas in Japan

All Kinds of visas in Japan.

Mainly, there are 29 kinds of visas.

If your performing in which you intend to do doesn’t apply to any kind of visa, if there is a humanitarian matter or any legal reasons or a justifiable reason then there is a case the Special permission or the visa called Long Term will be given from the Minister of Justice.
(Except for refugee visa)

Working Visa(1)for officially

Religious Activities,

Working Visa (2)for employee or Investor

Investor/Business Manager,
Legal/Accounting Services,
Medical Services,
Specialist in Humanities/
International Services,
Intra-company Transferee,
Entertainer,Skilled Labor,
Technical Intern Training.

Spouse or Child visa

Spouse or Child of
Japanese National,
Spouse or Child of
Permanent Resident

Family and Other

Cultural Activities,
Temporary Visitor,
Designated Activities

Permanent and Long Term

Permanent, Long Term

Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

'Designated Activities visa’
for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals.

Special permission

a person who has
married with
permanent or
special pemanent,
has special circumstances,
and so on.