Free consultation for Naturalized Japanese,Application for Naturalization.

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Free consultation for Naturalized Japanese, Naturalization

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Free consultation for Naturalized Japanese,Application for Naturalization.

What is the Naturalized Japanese?

What happens if you be naturalized Japanese?

  1. The Visa proceedings in the Immigration Bureau won't be required at all,also "re-entry" procedure too.
  2. Obtaining Japanese Passport.
  3. If you have been using the alias name(TUSYOUMEI) then you won’t be using the name.
  4. It will be decided Japanese name, including social insurance card and also other certificates.
  5. Creating Japanese Family register.
  6. Obtaining the right to vote and can be stand as a candidate.
  7. Certificate of residence will be same as ever, but the record of the residence card number, etc. will be none.

(※If you have some property in your home country, you will need the name change to the name of the naturalization. And also there is a certain matter of the inheritance. It’s better checking the laws in your home country before application.)
(※We will recommend you the best way to obtain the Japanese naturalization in free consultation with highly personalized legal service for your individual matters.)

The Flow of Naturalization


Required Documents for Naturalization

The Condition for Naturalization

Second Generation of Japanese

Lost Japanese Nationality


Child , Adopted child or Originally Japanese


Re-Acquisition Japanese

Acknowledged Child

Dual nationality(Selection of Nationality)

Reserving Nationality


The key points for Application for Naturalization Permission.


There are a lots of type the required certificates and documents.

If there is a mistake in your certificate or also in the prepared documents by yourself, it makes you that the inspection will be protracted to more than 1 year from when your application is accepted by the Inspector.
So, before you are going to apply to Legal Affairs Bureau, would you please ask us at once to what the best way to permit is?

We can handle to perfection legal service for you, and increase the success rate of permission.